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How to start a blog in 6 simple steps | Everything you need to know
August 1, 2020

A comprehensive six step-by-step guide to get you started with your own blog in no time!

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How to choose the best color for brand
How to choose the best color for your brand | Psychology behind choosing colors
July 16, 2020

There is a psychology of ‘first impressions‘ which has existed from time immemorial. Although in the real world you might be…

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How to create a powerful brand identity from scratch in 3 simple steps
June 9, 2020

You cannot possibly ensure the success of your business if you avoid creating an unforgettable and powerful brand identity for the…

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How to choose the best font
How to choose the best font for your website | Top 7 mistakes while choosing a font
January 29, 2019

Typography or Fonts can be a powerful tool in describing your message because the viewer will form a perspective about the…

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  • The articles are well researched. Your in-depth knowledge of the subject is very commendable.
    As an avid reader, I may take the liberty of reading the Branding chapter from Philip n Kotler’s book on Marketing management prescribed in most MBA courses.

    Secondly, relating each aspect with an example in a present business environment will make an instant connect with the issues that the writer is highlighting, but for your age, you indeed have a bright future in this specialized area of marketing.

    Col. Suman Mitra
    Indian Army
  • Just went through your impressive article on Brand Identity.
    I could remember my Corporate Guru Raghunath Mandava’s words (MD & CEO Airtel Africa) that the emotional connection and the visual impact are the key ingredients of any brand and you have intelligently pinned in the bud.


    Mr. Sanjay Sharma
    Vice President at Reliance Jio
mehar labana

aboutMehar Labana

Hello there! I’m very excited to see you here. I am very passionate about creating beautiful elements and resources to help you embark upon a journey to reach your dreams. We’re in this together!

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